Stepping Stones History

A brief history of Stepping Stones.

Stepping Stones History

When Lois and Bill Wilson moved to Stepping Stones in 1941 in Bedford Hills, NY., they began a tradition of opening their home to friends and visitors from all over the world. This tradition continues at Stepping Stones today, and we are delighted that you are now a part of it.

Stepping Stones is a special place, and visitors are often surprised at how affecting the Wilson home is. Almost everyone in Alcoholics Anonymous, the fellowship co-founded by Bill, and the one co-founded by Lois, Al-Anon Family Groups, can trace their sponsorships back to the two remarkable people who lived there.

Very little has changed in the house since the Wilsons last lived in it. The Stepping Stones Foundation, the non-profit organization to which the house now belongs, endeavors to make the house, now a museum, as authentic and homey as it always was. The house reflects the love and warmth of the people who lived in it as well as those who come year after year to see it.

Visiting Stepping Stones is a wonderful experience. It is deeply moving for most people, and almost everyone leaves with a deepened sense of gratitude for the two people who lived in the house and for what they did. We hope you find this visit enriching and worthwhile and one of many to come.

The Stepping Stones Alano Club is named after the home of Lois and Bill’s home.

On January 28, 2002, is a “start up cost analysis & projections” report for the Club. The first meeting was held at the Reparatory Theater in Newhall on San Fernando Road. Subsequent meetings were held at the Hilton Valencia Garden Inn. As time went on additional meetings were held in private homes. As the needs of the group changed so did the locations:


January 2002 – XX 20xx – Santa Clarita Repertory Theatre, 24266 San Fernando Road, Santa Clarita
XX 2002 – XX 20xx – Hilton Valencia Garden Inn, 27710 The Old Road, Valencia
XX 20xx – XX 20xx – xx Camp Plenty Road, Canyon Country
XX 20xx – October 2015: 22802 Soledad Canyon Road, Santa Clarita
October 2015 – Present: 24508 Lyons Avenue, Santa Clarita