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is a desire to stop drinking.

24508 Lyons Avenue
Santa Clarita, California 91321

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Stepping Stones

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Our purpose is to reach a large portion of the communities population who have a problem with alcohol. As men and women of good will, we in turn are seeking others who would like to join us in this cause. Our primary purpose is to become anonymously know as a positive outreach for our community, and a facility in which we can create a fellowship, which we crave..

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Alano Club

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones has stayed open since 2002 through the grace of God, the willingness, and generosity of volunteers, as well as support from throughout the Santa Clarita, community.



24508 Lyons Avenue

#100, Santa Clarita, CA

91321, United States

Phone:  661-287-9730

Email: steppingstonesalanoclub@gmail.com