Clubhouse Rules

  1. Membership: This is a private club for members only. The Club Room is a private room for paid club members and their guests from outside the local area. Membership dues are $100 per year or $10 per month. You do not have to be a member to attend meetings at Stepping Stones.
  2. Children must be in the company of their parents at all times. Children of any age are not allowed to be left unattended inside or outside of Stepping Stones. Unattended children and their parents will be asked to leave.
  3. Parking is only allowed directly in front of Stepping Stones and anywhere to the east of Stepping Stones, except directly in front of the DUI school. Pleased do not park anywhere on the Cycle Gear side of the parking lot. That side should be completely clear of any Stepping Stones cars.
  4. Stepping Stones has a designated smoking section in the back of the building. Butt cans are provided. Please be courteous of our neighbors.
  5. Sleeping is not allowed on the premises; this includes the clubroom, meeting rooms and the parking lot. This is not a hotel.
  6. Please treat the furniture and all areas of the clubhouse with care, that is, do not abuse it.
  7. Please help to keep the noise level to a minimum – no unnecessary shouting – be considerate of others. Please remember not to disturb our neighbors as you leave.
  8. No pets of any kind allowed inside except or designated service animals.
  9. Verbal and physical altercations are not tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly. There is zero tolerance for physical altercations.
Be Courteous

The Management and Board of Directors reserve the right to ask anyone to leave who is abusing the privilege of using the club. Please help us to keep our clubhouse a pleasant place in which to spend our free time! Be willing to help when the Manager and the Board of Directors need assistance.

Thank you for your cooperation.