Secretary Guidelines and Suggestions

Secretary Guidelines (in bold) and Suggestions

  1. Arrive early enough before scheduled meeting to prepare coffee and set up the meeting (if needed).
  2. Select a leader for your meeting and make sure you take a couple of minutes to explain to each leader the format of your meeting. Do not assume that someone with more time than you knows the format.
  3. Stay for the entire length of the meeting. (Even if no one else shows up).
  4. Clean up after your meeting. Clean up includes vacuuming, mopping bathrooms, empty trash (in the kitchen, bathrooms, and hallway. Replace toilet paper. Clean out coffee pots (unless there is a meeting right after yours and there is still a lot of coffee in the urns). Wipe down tables in a meeting room and countertops in kitchen. Fill coffee cup rack; and condiment rack (supplies are in cabinets in the kitchen). Throw out any food from your meeting unless it is covered.
  5. Secretary is responsible for locking up the club. Lock the front door and make sure back doors are securely locked before leaving. If you designate an alternate secretary, please make sure they know how to lock up and that they return the key to you.
  6. Attend all business and secretary’s meetings.

The overall cleanliness of the meeting rooms and the facility are a reflection of our club. If we all take a couple of extra minutes to be of service, it will easily get done.

At the end of your secretary term please:

  1. Nominate your new secretary, for the next term.
  2. Provide Stepping Stones Board of Directors with the name and contact information of the new meeting Secretary one week before your secretary commitment ending. We provide the new secretary with a key agreement.
  3. Show the new meeting secretary how to open and lock the club.
  4. Mentor the new meeting secretary for the next two weeks. Inform them they will need to attend and support business and secretary meetings.